We are Subject Matter Experts in telecom management & telecom expense reduction.

Our job is to study, streamline and deploy your telecom and IT solutions.

Navigating the telecommunications industry can be confusing and treacherous. RComm Solutions functions as your liaison between your organization and carriers. Our role is unravelling and simplifying the telecom puzzle so you can focus on running your business with peace of mind.

We utilize our dependable network of telecom carriers, services and subject matter experts to STUDY, STREAMLINE & DEPLOY a complete communication and IT solution for your business.

Your IT & Telecom Best Friends

Our mission is to be the right hand for our clients IT and telecommunications departments. We specialize in creating strategies, optimizing assets and implementing technologies to improve efficiencies and increase returns on investments in all communication channels.

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“You’re not supposed to be experts at analyzing your IT and telecom bills.”

It’s OK to ask for help!

When was the last time you reviewed your phone or internet bills? Often, as companies grow, the employees paying these bills were not involved in the original agreements. You have your business to run and far too much on your plate. So you’re not supposed to be experts at analyzing your IT and telecom bills. You shouldn’t need to know the most recent technologies available, much less be able to keep these providers in line.

Not only do we have auditors who know the meaning of each and every coded charge, we will dissect and explain them. Further, if superior options exist, we’ll detail them for you. Best of all, we are compensated directly from the carriers so we do this at NO COST to you.

Our Subject Matter Experts save your company money and improve your services keeping you competitive and efficient in an ever-changing technological landscape.

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